Skin | My Senior Work

So the day is finally here for me to graduate and its weird. I mean, four years of college, after I was forced to transfer from one to another because my original school closed... although sometimes I think that ending up at a different school was the best thing that could have happened to me. If I had stayed at Chester College, there would have been two photography majors in my year. At the New Hampshire Institute of Art, we ended with over 20. My own little family of creatives. I wish I had gotten to know them better; most of them I didn't meet until junior year, a whole year after my transfer, but oh well. I still made some great friends. 

I have never been much of a series photographer. I work on single images more than anything. I grew up on Flickr, with other fine art photographers who tend to work that way and they rubbed off on me. So focusing on one project for a full year was a challenge. To think of an idea that meant so much to me that I would be able to continue with it was a challenge. Everything with this was a challenge. Living in NH, shooting during the winter when I need to strip down to nothing... difficult. Fortunately I was able to travel and three out of six of my final images were photographed in Oregon in locations I could only dream of.

This series would not be possible without the support of friends like Nick Johnson and Meagan Abell, or the human tripod skills of Sarah Ann Loreth, Kindra Timmerwilke, and Rob Woodcox. To everyone who has given me criticism and aid, thank you. This was one of the most nerve wracking photo experiences ever, but I am proud of what I have now. So thank you.


Shallow . December 2014.

Shallow. December 2014.

Vast . March 2015.

Vast. March 2015.

Envelop . 2014.

Envelop. 2014.

Encroach . 2014.

Encroach. 2014.

Still . March 2015.

Still. March 2015.

Surface.  March 2015.

Surface. March 2015.