Hello! I'm Sarah, a graduate of the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and a lover of life.

To tell you a little about me: I am currently located near Concord, NH. I love to travel; Iceland is my favorite place and some day I hope to end up in Portland, OR. On a typical Friday night I can be found watching Netflix, maybe baking some oreo stuffed cookies or making oven baked fries. I love to laugh and smile. I create a lot in my spare time and even started a bath product business. I'm a total dog and baby person and love all cute things. I drink tea over coffee and am the pickiest eater you will ever meet. I will also do anything to make you happy.

Weddings make me happier than most things. I love love, and hope to share your special day with you. Small, casual, homemade weddings are my absolute favorite; love is love.